What does RTRN mean?

It's a (cool) abbreviation for return since, you know, URL shorteners return long URLs.

About us

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Our links are free, ad-free, and permanent, like something out of this world. Create short links to share everywhere, anytime.

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[Coming soon] Our analytics tool will allow you to see how many clicks, where are they happening and how your customers are engaging with your links. This tool will be available even for your oldest links.

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[Coming soon] Host your pictures with us, we'll give you a nice URL for you to embed the picture everywhere you want, for free.

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Did we mention no ads? We're also free of waiting times, click actions, iframes, or anything that requires the user to do something. Just share your link and ready to go.

Weird name?

Yes, RTRN is an abbreviation. IO domains are usually used for tech-related stuff. 2+2 and you have rtrn.io. Think you can come up with a better one? Let us know.